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Hi my name is Claudette and I am the founder and owner of Kärlek Beauty. I am a qualified beauty therapist, massage therapist and a baby massage instructor. I specialise in pregnancy massage and fertility treatments. I offer a wide variety of treatments to suit your needs and provide a bespoke treatment plan tailored just for you.

I am a friendly, happy and professional therapist who runs an at-home beauty treatment room that is located in Hatch Warren, Basingstoke. This is a very calm and relaxed environment to help the mind and body unwind.

What does Kärlek Beauty mean?

Kärlek Beauty was established in 2018 and it means 'Love Beauty' in Swedish. The name resonates on how passionate and dedicated I am about the beauty industry and how important my role is as a beauty therapist.

Supporting my local community 

For the last 3 years, I have been a volunteer at my local hospice. I am very passionate about giving back to others and find it a very rewarding role in making others feel good about themselves. 



In 2021, I was recognised for my unique pregnancy services in Hampshire. The public voted and I was honoured to received the Little Ankle Biters 2021 RUNNER UP award for 'Best Pregnancy Service' in Hampshire.

Safe at Home Domestic Abuse Ambassador 

As a beauty therapist you begin to develop a strong client-therapist relationship. Over time, this naturally builds a very open and trusting relationship between both. A known fact, regular clients, over a month, visit their therapists more than there friends and family. With this in mind, I always try and offer services that can support individuals that are in need.

So when the opportunity came up to train with Safe at Home Domestic Abuse Team. I felt this was an opportunity which I could not turn down. This comes at a time where statistics point to a large rises, due to the scale of the pandemic. Vulnerable people are feeling more isolated and lonely then ever before. Leaving them feeling like they have no one to turn too.

Listening to others is truly an important part of my role. Now that I have the knowledge and understanding this will hopefully help me to support and guide others to the correct place 

Let's talk about mental health

Kärlek Beauty is a mental health trained salon. As a beauty therapist, I truly feel that this is an important aspect of my role to see how my clients are coping mentally. With this in mind, I wanted to do something to help prepare me and improve my knowledge on how to manage challenging conversations. So I can help support my clients to the best of my abilities, to hopefully get talking more about our mental health and even more - SAVES LIVES. I have now undergone training with The Lions Barbers, which covered suicide prevention and mental health awareness. I was able to learn new skills and tools which will hopefully enable me to support my clients through their difficult times.

With a deep personal struggle with my own mental health, I decided I wanted to give back and help others to beat the stigma around mental health. In 2020, I became a Hope ambassadors for the UK Hub of Hope which is an incredible online app that helps you to find local support in your area. My role is to help, guide and support others who are in need of help. You can access the Hub of Hope free online or download free from the App Store.

Just remember we are all fighting our own battle.... so in a world where you can be anything ... be kind!

Neurodiversity Salon 

I welcome everyone to my salon! I create a safe space that is safe and comfortable for neurodivergent clients to be there unique self.

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