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Kärlek Beauty pamper parties carter for a minimum of 6 guests and a maximum of 10 guests, which includes the hostess.

Our guest ages are between the ages of 6 - 12 years.

If you require a large number of guests, please request this with your party planner and it will be at their discretion.

There is an additional charge of £15 per each guest when increasing your party numbers above 10 guests.

Kärlek beauty holds three party packages to choose from:

  • The Slumber Party package is at a set price with set treatments.

  • The Spa and VIP Party packages are at a set prices and the party guests have a choice of two treatments they would like to have on the day.

  • Your guests will choose there treatments on the parental consent form.

  • We do allow extras and add on treatments at an extra cost (Please discuss further with your party planner).

To ensure we are meeting regulations, parental consent forms will require completion prior to the party. (dates will be discussed with your party planner) Please note, this is mandatory and may prevent treatment on the day.

Due to the nature of our treatments, please ensure cuts, verruca's or warts are covered as this can prevent treatment. 

Photos will be taken during the party to promote Kärlek Beauty. All parents and carers have the right to decline.

Please note, this will be requested on the parental consent form. 


Children with allergies or a specific dietary requirement will be requested to inform their party planner prior to the party. We will not be liable for any related illness or reaction due to our foods or treatments.  


We are fully certified, insured and fully DBS checked.

Price and payment

Our party packages are at set prices with full payment due 48 hours prior to the party date with the required deposit to secure booking.

Please note, if the deposit is not paid prior to the agreed date the booking shall not be secured and possibly terminated.

A non-refundable £25.00 deposit is required to confirm your party booking or a £50.00 non-refundable deposit for 10 or more guests. This shall be deducted from the remaining balance, followed up with a confirmation email. 


Please inform your party planner 24 hours prior to your party, if you would like to add on any extra party add ons or if you would like to increase your

party numbers. A new booking confirmation and invoice will be resent out.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the party needs to be confirmed to your party planner at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled party date and time.

Full booking fees will apply if you notify your party planner less than 72 hours of the scheduled date and time. 


Cancellation of party prior to 72 hours of scheduled date - full fees apply.  

Cancellation of dates, due to extenuating circumstances ie illness/poor weather, may be transferable to new dates.

In severe weather conditions, we do accept cancellations and we may reschedule the party with no additional charges.

Please note, this will also include the manager’s discretion.

Perfect Plaits - Head Lice Policy 

We do understand that head lice are common, especially amongst young children. Unfortunately, if any head lice are discovered on

the booking date Perfect Plaits would sadly be unable to carry out any further services.

In this situation full payment would still be due, therefore, it is advisable that all participants are checked prior to the booking date.

For further details, visit

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