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Holding Tummy

From fertility and conception right through to pregnancy and birth; massage

therapy can help support you every step of the way.



Fertility Treatment | 60 mins


Fertility Treatment Package | 4 Sessions 


Pregnancy Massage | 75 mins

12 - 40 weeks 


Pregnancy Back Massage | 30 mins

12 - 40 weeks


Post-Natal Massage | 60 mins


KB Pregnancy Package | 8 Sessions 


Pre-Pregnancy Treatment

Congratulations you and your partner are starting a new and exciting phase in your lives. This is both a happy and a pressured time on your journey, where nature can take a little bit longer than expected, we can help and support you.


With fertility massage I combine the relaxation of therapeutic massage with specific reflexology, acupressure points. This treatment focuses on preparing the body for your pregnancy, which includes the reproductive system and optimising your fertility.


Please note: Each individual session can differ depending on what is required at the time.


Second & Third Trimester

Most of your early pregnancy discomforts have gone now, however as the baby starts to grow you will start to experience physical symptoms. Treatment aims are varied but generally help to support your body change, lower stress levels and to connect with your baby on a deeper level.


Post Pregnancy Treatment

This treatment is great to return your hormone levels back to normal and to ease muscle fatigue. Tiredness, baby blues and stress can be lessened leaving you feeling at ease.

 Please note: Consultation forms are required to be completed prior to your

first treatment. For further details, please read Kärlek Beauty

full terms and conditions. 

Consultation forms can be found within your email booking confirmation.